ACPA will direct resources, energy, and time toward addressing racial justice in student affairs and higher education around the world. Our lens is intersectional, intentional, and directed. The focus is on reducing the oppression of communities of color at the intersections of their identities, knowing that all oppressions are linked and that the work is ongoing. Our goal is to provide leading research and scholarship; tools for personal, professional, and career development; and innovative praxis opportunities for members that will actively inform and reshape higher education. We move toward this goal knowing that the roles and daily tasks of our jobs are important to the functioning of colleges and universities. We also know that racial justice and the tasks of our jobs do not sit as dichotomous poles. Racial justice is at our core; it underlies the work we each must do every day, in every way we can.

Thank you for learning more about the ACPA Strategic Imperative for Racial Justice and Decolonization.  Through this page, we hope to keep members and other interested parties up-to-date regarding the planning and implementation of the Strategic Imperative. Our goal is to be transparent and engaged with our membership throughout the course of this process.  If there is information you would like to access that is not available on this site, please contact [email protected].

Resources for Faculty/Staff